Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stumbling at the Door


I ordered my G1 about a week ago. Google said it would be available on the 10th. There was no mail delivery yesterday; it arrived in the mail today (12th). Good.

I try to connect. It won't connect. After 10 minutes with customer service we discover it's because Google has failed to activate my data plan. Customer service agrees it's pretty dumb to sell a phone that requires a data plan without one. She thinks someone forgot to hit “Save”.

I'm slightly confused because, a day after I placed the order, I got a text message from Google informing me of the plan change. Anyway.

Incidentally, without the data plan working, you cannot use the phone at all. Period.

So, I have the phone in a completely non-functional state.

I ask whether I can connect using my home WiFi. After a few rounds with the rep, it becomes clear she has no idea whatsoever what the question really means; additional questions about this yield increasingly garbled answers.

Along the way, she lets slip that yesterday, apparently no Android phones were working at all. But she reassures me that at least they're all working again today.

I am not reassured.


Unknown said...

I've had my G1 since the day they were released, and I can assure you that it has worked every day since then, in a geographical range between Boston and Providence. Perhaps it was only new activations that weren't working?

The phone has about the expected number of first version glitches, but I'm extremely happy that I bought it.

Shriram Krishnamurthi said...

Just to be clear, my problem has nothing to do with the quality of T-Mobile's coverage. It has to do with the competence (as opposed to politeness, which remains extraordinary) of their support staff.

I'm not a new activation. I've been a T-Mobile customer since 2002 (as they remind me at the end of each call).

I have had it working today, and I agree with Craig: “expected number of first version glitches, but I'm extremely happy that I bought it”.