Friday, November 14, 2008

Project Beansprout Successful

Our star is born. We're delighted to inform you of the arrival of Tara Shriram Fisler. The baby is well, the mother is recovering, and the father is trying to not get in the way.

For photographs, and for our AFQ (Anticipated Frequent Questions) on various naming issues, please see the Web page (natch).


Tom Hoffman said...


e said...

How I can remember!

Mitch Wand said...

Congrats!! What a cutie!

Vishal said...

I cannot help smiling after reading this post. I was actually looking for Scheme-related information, and then this... Beansprout! Great.

Wish happy times with Tara Bean.

Hari said...
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Sophia Drossopoulou said...

We want some more recent news and pictures!


Kevin Collins said...

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