Sunday, August 03, 2008

When it Takes Off, At Least it'll Fly Gracefully

Several sites rave about Norman Foster's new terminal in Beijing airport. One phrase in the description caught my eye, however: the terminal's new “aerodynamic roof”. How's that, again? This phrase proves to be from Foster's own materials, and the phrase “soaring aerodynamic roof” is quoted in news article upon news article without comment.

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steck said...

This post is redolent of Stephen Jay Gould's annoyance with the ubiquitous description of a species of dinosaur as equal in size to a "small fox terrier", which appeared in a number of books. Gould had his graduate students track down the original reference, which they found. Of course, the size estimate was wrong.

Now, if I could find out who started describing computer code as "performant", a description that I find especially irksome.

-- Paul