Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Shark Jumped; Not Even a Dorsal Fin in Sight

A good way to find out how many of your friends read reddit (or some equivalent site) is to wait for something of yours to appear there. I'm rarely in the limelight, but last week my book PLAI made it to the top-5 of reddit's programming site. The comments are the usual Intenet combination of praise, flames, argument, and randomness. I was tempted to respond to one or two, but decided to preserve my authorial dignity.

1 comment:

steck said...

I'm shocked, shocked!

I'd have thought a man of your breeding and sophistication would have chosen the word "auctorial" over "authorial". The former offers the whiff of musty bookstacks and abstruse contemplation; the latter is a mere descriptive adjective.

-- Paul